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  • Ron Favali

Marketing, Vanity Metrics, and Beer

Ignite Tampa Bay is a fast-paced TED Talk-like set of presentations where speakers gather to share their knowledge and passion. Each speaker gets exactly five minutes to teach, enlighten, or inspire using 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds.

The main message in my presentation, Marketing, Vanity Metrics, and Beer was that size isn't important. The size of your marketing budget that is. Gone are the days when mass market media buys can be used to convert prospects into users. There is no better example of this than "Big Beer" companies advertising in the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, I still see too many companies using a Pay, Spray, and Pray approach to marketing. They pay for marketing activities with little regard who the target audience actually needs to be or the story being delivered. Using vanity metrics -- the numbers of web, social or media impressions--with out regard for quality of leads is a failed approach. Every. Single. Time.

The winning marketing formula today centers on the story you tell and identifying the right set of prospects to deliver that message. It starts with a great product and ends with using that story to create an exceptional experience your customers will remember.

You can check out the full presentation below. Well worth five minutes of your time.

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